UN-F5000-Q car elevator series


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Name:UN-F5000-Q car elevator series

Explanation: With the development of economy, people's living standards continue to improve and the quality of life continues to improve, and cars gradually enter the homes of ordinary people. The UN-F5000-Q car elevator developed by Younide fully utilizes the car elevator manufacturing technology and combines with the domestic and foreign market demand to develop a series of car elevators. It adopts highly mature frequency conversion (VVVF) control technology for precise speed control to avoid In addition, due to uneven car acceptance and noise and car vibration caused by the increased system load, the characteristics of this unique product are optimized to the greatest extent, making your car access safer and more reliable. UN-F5000-Q car ladder has become an ideal choice for factories, warehousing, department stores, property centers and other units.

Load range: 3000kg-5000kg

Speed range: 0.5m/s(3000kg) 0.25m/s-0.5m/s(5000kg)

Host: Geared host

Door machine: R center split double folding door machine

Control cabinet: U-CON F1000

Control box: U-CF500

Door protection: light curtain

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