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  • Bus escalator
    Bus escalator
    Description: Younide bus-type escalator can solve the transportation problem that plagues large traffic groups in the city more comprehensively, it can alleviate the pressure of personnel flow in the transportation hub, and promote the efficiency of personnel flow. It is the solution to the urban Jiatong hub. An indispensable part of it.Load range:Speed range:Host:Door machine:Control cabinet:Control box:Door protection:
  • Commercial escalator
    Commercial escalator
    Description: The commercial escalator inherits innovation, integrates the concept of humanism first, excellent ladder road, leading road design, smooth and comfortable operation; the solemn and round handrail entrance integrates traffic flow lights, which is unique and dynamic; handrails, inner and outer covers, The perfect connection between the skirt board and the front board, and the transition of the handrail at the end of the large arc, which is natural and handsome. The escalator is widely used in hospitals, high-end office buildings, luxury apartments, high-end hotels, central business district (CBD), large shopping malls, public facilities and other places, adding a colorful landscape to modern architecture.Load range:Speed range:Host:Door machine:Control cabinet:Control box:Door protection:
  • Fashion products moving sidewalk
    Fashion products moving sidewalk
    Description: stylish, simple and practical. The shopping mall is tired, the plane check-in time is coming, the luggage can't be picked up in the subway, go on the moving sidewalk, and you can reach the place you want to stand on the spot. The moving sidewalk is a product launched in response to the needs of the times and modernized. For the occasions with large passenger flow, long working hours, long-distance transportation of people, luggage and goods, following the development trend of the world's technology, adopting advanced manufacturing technology, the automatic moving walkway launched by the company is widely used in major shopping malls, airports, shopping malls , Entertainment centers and other places, the product can not only solve the transportation problem of huge pedestrian flow, but also meet the needs of long-distance walking and transporting luggage carts, strollers, shopping carts, wheelchairs for the disabled, etc. When people ride, they are on the same level, which greatly facilitates people's travel and shopping.Load range:Speed range:Host:Door machine:Control cabinet:Control box:Door protection:
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