Classic Project|Writing a Poetic Life Xizi Elevator Technology and Guizhou Zhongtai Shixiangli Project

Time:2020-06-17 08:48:47

Technology guides the industry, ingenuity brings together classics, Xizi Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. satisfies people's longing for the poetic city in traditional culture, strives to build a benchmark cultural residential project, joins hands with Guizhou Zhongtai Shixiangli Project, and writes for the city based on smart products and quality services Beautiful.


The project is located at the intersection of Ranpu Road and Hongqi West Road in Suiyang, Guizhou (next to the Experimental Middle School). This area will be the future core area of the new city, gilded commercial facilities, government services, full-age education resources, and wetland parks. The supporting facilities and the developed transportation road network are all tremendous advantages and value points for the project.


The project is developed and constructed by Guizhou Zhongtai Group. It covers an area of about 78 acres. A total of 12 buildings are planned and designed, with a total construction area of about 206882.8㎡ (1158 residential units, a total of 137852.81㎡, a commercial building area of 6576.09㎡, an underground building surface of 58630㎡, and underground parking spaces 1446).


Xizi Elevator Technology relies on leading technical advantages and advanced design concepts to perfectly meet the requirements of Shixiang's amorous community construction. It provides comfortable, safe, intelligent and convenient elevator products and after-sales services, returns to the humanities, and uses smart aesthetics to integrate core performance Integrate with architecture to build a modern and comfortable residence for customers.

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