Classic Project|Urban Landmark Masterpiece Xizi Elevator Technology Helps Gansu Zhongheng City Plaza Project

Time:2020-06-17 09:21:42

In modern cities, suitable supporting services determine the quality of people's daily travel. Xizi Elevator Technology has the beautiful concept of serving every elevator, and strives to work together with the Gansu Zhongheng City Plaza Project to present Xizi Elevator Technology's profound understanding of building a landmark urban complex here.


Gansu Baiyin Zhongheng City Plaza adheres to the business philosophy of "first-class shopping malls, boutique brands, scientific management, and honest operation", and on the basis of high-end and high-quality shopping mall supporting facilities, it absorbs many mid-to-high-end international and domestic well-known brands. It is Baiyin City. Pingchuan District is the largest and highest-grade commercial center with a new concept.


With the help of Xizi Elevator Technology, relying on first-class hardware facilities, scientific software positioning, and adopting avant-garde and reasonable management model to create a regional commercial aircraft carrier, making it a commercial center of Pingchuan.


Xizi Elevator Technology has shared all-round passenger flow service experience with many large-scale commercial complex projects at home and abroad: Shenqiu Happy Town in Eastern Henan, Songyuan Juran Home, Shanghai Marriott Commercial Plaza, and Yan/Ng Community Commercial Complex in Alabang Street, Philippines Wait. Adhering to the original intention of craftsmanship, Xizi Elevator Technology will continue to lead the industry.

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