Classic project|Creating a model of human settlement Xizi Elevator Technology redefines the new pattern of the city

Time:2020-06-17 08:39:58

Fujian Sanming is located between Wuyi Mountain Range and Daiyun Mountain Range, at the junction of Central Fujian and Northwest Fujian, and has the title of "National Forest City". Recently, Xizi Elevator Technology Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid of Fujian Yongan Emperor Yonglong International City Project. With a comprehensive intelligent passenger flow bearing solution, it provides customers with comfortable enjoyment.


Yong'an Great Wing Lung International City, customized international private life. Blueprint planning of Yong'an South District, redefining the urban pattern, introducing the most modern and complete municipal facilities. Government, business, leisure, and education facilities are all available. Surrounded by Yancheng's rare original ecological green hills and green forests, the original style of the original mountain vegetation is retained to the greatest extent, and the design is adapted to the characteristics of the water-shaped water body, bringing a new holiday and cultural and ecological experience to the residents.


The arrival of Xizi Elevator Technology Intelligent Products will work together to create a noble living space full of sentiment and poetry, decorate elegant gardens and beautiful houses, interpret the new example of low-density noble living, and blend the exciting city of Vientiane life with food, clothing and housing.


The pace of Xizi Elevator Technology to provide quality services never stops, from high-end quality elite residences to national livelihood projects, we continue to interpret the pleasures of modern human life with excellent technology and product strength, and always insist on bringing customers safety, comfort, Smart and convenient products and services.

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