Classic Project|Xizi Elevator Technology and Yunshui Yudi Project Dedicated to the "Pearl of East Yunnan"

Time:2020-06-17 08:59:41

Yunnan Luliang is known as the "Pearl of Eastern Yunnan" for its profound humanities and beautiful scenery. Recently, Xizi Elevator Technology successfully won the bid for the Yunnan Yunshui Yudi project. With its high-quality passenger bearing solution, it continues to escort customers for safe travel.


Yunnan Yunshui Yudi Construction Project has a total investment of 730 million yuan and is a high-end Chinese garden residential area. The project is based on the traditional Chinese Su-style gardens and street culture, and takes "the sky is a place where the wind gathers and gathers the gas" as the guiding ideology, highlighting the "city, deep house and hidden culture".


After the project is completed, it will become the region's leading Chinese-style garden residential community, meeting people's demand for high-quality, high-standard, and high-quality housing. Xizi Elevator Technology is familiar with the integration of modern architecture and traditional art, giving the residence a sense of technology while highlighting the characteristics of the garden city and providing customers with a beautiful living environment.


Xizi Elevator Technology serves high-end residential footprints throughout the country. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent technology and user services, we have an industry-leading smart factory, based on innovation, forge ahead, and strive to bring national manufacturing to the world.

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